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Three Cross Meat Ministry exists to be a sustainable source of meat protein to our non-profit organizations, partners, and food banks.

At Lone Star Cowboy Church, 3 Cross Meat Ministry's distinctive business model entails collaborative partnerships with local ranchers and meat processors, sponsors and donors.


Through this approach, we contribute to the vital mission of supplying food banks, shelters, and other organizations dedicated to serving those facing food insecurity.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

Matthew 25:35


In the state of Texas, nearly 4 million individuals grapple with the harsh reality of food insecurity, with a staggering 20% of this population comprising children. Three Cross is dedicated to undertaking every possible effort to alleviate this pervasive issue and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected



Three Cross collaborates with the community and secures public funding to guarantee a reliable and sustainable provision of high-quality protein to a diverse range of charitable entities. These include food banks, shelters, and various organizations throughout the state of Texas, reinforcing the commitment to support those in need.

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How It Works Anchor

Donate Processed meat

Donate processed livestock and wild game. We accept all types of meat protein.

DONATE Livestock& Supplies

Donations of cattle,   pig, various farm animals, and hay are appreciated. 

Give a monthly donation

Help Three Cross 
Fight Hunger!

with Three

Thank you to the businesses, organizations, and individuals for backing Three Cross Meat Ministry over the years.
Three Cross Meat Ministry offers a unique way to give back while also enjoying delicious and healthy meat. Our corriente roping steers are sports cattle which produce leaner meat with fewer grams of fat, cholesterol, and calories than salmon. Plus, they require low maintenance and can survive on  open range if needed.
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