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Our Mission 

Three Cross Meat Ministry exists to be a sustainable source of meat protein to our non-profit organizations, partners, and food banks.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

Matthew 25:35

The Problem

In Texas, 1 in 8 people experience food insecurity with limited or uncertain access to enough food.
That's almost 4 million people.

20% of those effected are children.


our Solution

Many families in Texas live in a home that struggles to keep food on the table.

Help us end hunger in Texas become a part of Three Cross Meat Ministry as a donor or community partner. 



Since we began in 2004, the Three Cross Meat Ministry has donated 424,376 servings of meat protein. Of that total, in 2022, Three Cross donated 154,640 servings, and in 2023 we have already reached 140,907 servings of meat protein.

You Can Help...

How It Works Anchor

Donate Wild game

Donate processed wild game including venison, antelope, fish, feral hog, elk, etc. We accept all types of meat protein.

DONATE Livestock

Donate processed or live animals including beef, bison, pork, chicken and turkey.

Give a Financial Gift

Monetary donations help us care for cattle, supply food banks, and feed families in need of high-quality protein.

with Three

Thank you to the businesses, organizations, and individuals for backing Three Cross Meat Ministry over the years.

Why We Use
Corriente Cattle

• Sport cattle produce leaner  meat

• Fewer grams of fat, cholesterol and calories than salmon

• Low Maintenance

• Can survive on sparse open range

• Eat significantly less than other breeds 


Three Cross Meat Ministry provides between 100-125 head of Corriente Cattle as roping steers to the Lone Star Cowboy Church Arena Ministry. These sport cattle then become our largest source of beef protein to families in need. 

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